October 30, 2020


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Hoopla: Track 96 & The Descendants (7:30PM Show)

We’re happy to be performing once again, in the real world, at Hoopla!

With brand new, socially-distanced cabaret-style seating, you’ll be able to enjoy some live improvised theatre!

Link to full information on Hoopla’s safety measures being taken at their live shows: https://www.hooplaimpro.com/safety-in-shows

If you can’t make the 8PM show, don’t worry! We’ll also be performing at 8:45pm.

About the acts:

Track 96

Track 96 is London’s premiere Hip Hop improv group. Based on your suggestions, we create a world of rhyme and rhythm. Our live show is a high octane mix of freestyling, short games and scenes that break into hip hop musical numbers, all accompanied by a live beatboxer.

The Descendants

Join the Hoopla Impro narrative house team as they bring their famous story titles box, creating a hilarious and unpredictable tale, featuring twists, turns, romance, betrayal and redemption.


Hoopla Impro, 96 Snowsfields Road, London Bridge, SE1 3SS