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Diversity & Inclusion

Our Team

Track 96 is an improvised hip hop group that sits at the intersection of hip hop and improvised comedy. As performers, we feel it important to recognise and honour the legacies of the communities that have originated and expanded both artforms.

Hip hop is largely a product of African-American communities, growing from its genesis in the 1970s into the globally popular art form it is today. Hip hop is fun and accessible and is enjoyed by people of many different backgrounds and cultures.

Improv comedy in its modern form has evolved from such the work of artists in America, particularly the work of Viola Spolin and later through such comedy institutions as Second City, UCB, and iO.

As a group, we strive to both recognise the communities that brought these art forms to life and ensure our team is representative of the diversity that exists in London. We work very hard to ensure that we have individuals who are exceptional improvisers and rappers on Track 96.

If you’d like to speak to us more, ask questions, or offer feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us at hello[at]track96[dot]com.

Diversity & Inclusion Scholarships

We believe that improv is for everyone! Different voices and backgrounds coming together enrich our community of improvisers and performers.

We welcome people from every race, gender identity, sexuality, age, socio-economic background, and beyond!

If you have barriers to entry, we want to remove them.

With inclusion in mind, we offer scholarship spaces in all of the workshops that we offer. If there is a workshop you’re interested in and would like to take advantage of our scholarship, drop us an email at hello[at]track96[dot]com.

For the 8-week courses we offer through Hoopla, you can take advantage of their diversity scholarship or read more about their diversity and accessibility policies.